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QuollEyeTree Release 2.0 Available

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 15:02
by ian
See a screen shot and download from or
download from

What's new since 1.0

The biggest change since 1.0 is the conversion to Automatic Reference Counting and reduced memory usage.
Other internal changes improved the speed of logging/updating, and provided visual feedback for slow operations,
which are performed in the background, allowing continued interaction during these actions.

There have been a couple of changes to commands.
    F3 now refreshes the Branch.
    The Directory Context Menu can be used without selection.
    Copy/Move/Symlink now remember target for future operations.
There are a number of additional features (some optional)
    The Tagged file count is now shown on the status bar
    Close button on tabs
    Show Package size
    Show hidden files/directories in Branch
    Show Directory Size
    Size can be displayed as bytes, KB, MB
    PathBar context menu
    Branch File Filter (find duplicateFiles)
    Compare Files
    Compare Branch
    Display alternating row colours for background when filter active
    Display notification if no files match filter
    Unlog Directories command
    Show Target Context Menu for alias or symlink
    Create Symlink
    Services Menu