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QuollEyeTree beta 1.01 Available

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 15:33
by ian
See a screen shot and download from or
download from

QuollEyeTree has been converted to ARC, which involved many changes to the source code.

There are also a number of additional features, including
    Calculate sizes of Packages.
    Optional display of Directory Size.
    Compare can now compare both Branch and Directory, and can check file Contents for equality.
    Ability to Create Symlinks and to Show the Target for alias or symlink
The Release version 1.0 is available from

Re: QuollEyeTree beta 1.01 Available

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 03:27
by cyclicalbit
Hi Ian,

Firstly, thanks for embarking on this project to bring ZTree capabilities to Mac OSX. I am also a recent switcher (about 2 years on Mac) and have used ZTree and before that XTree all the way back to version 1.0!

Secondly, congratulations for getting the project this far, pretty much on your own, it seems. I did already download a copy of 0.09 but real work has taken over this year and I've not had chance till now to post any messages of support and comment. Given that you've moved the program forward so many versions in the interim, it's only fair that I download the latest copy, read the documentation ;) and roadtest properly before making specific comments. I'll do the download and install straight after this post, but I may not get the roadtest done until Christmas! (I'm on holiday now until tomorrow - these things are only getting air time during holidays!) So if you do reply, please understand that I may be slow with further responses.

Anyway, back to the main point - I'm very excited about the prospect of native ZTree style capability on Mac OS. It's one of the few missing parts that might prompt me to start programming again myself. I have to run Windows 7 for some parts of my work, and I do that with Parallels for Mac, so I'm still a current ZTree user. From time to time, I'm using ZTree to explore the Mac disk, but I'd much rather do this from a native app like QuollEyeTree.

Ok, off to do the install now.


Ian Taylor
London, England

Re: QuollEyeTree beta 1.01 Available

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 16:28
by ian
Thanks for the kind comments. You will find version 1.0 vastly improved over 0.09, which was still very much a stepping stone to the target.
I have been using QuollEyeTree as my File Manager now for most of this year, and I hope you like it.

I also run ZTreeWin in a Virtual Machine on the Mac, but the lack of some of the keys needed was an issue, and of course it doesn't know about the layers Apple has added. QuollEyeTree Version 1.01 added a few things I regard as essential from ZTreeWin (Compare Branch and file contents) which couldn't be done before, but because of the extensive internal code changes in converting to ARC is still a beta.

I fundamentally wrote QuollEyeTree for my own use - although I hope it will be useful to others converting to Mac. was my notice to the ZTreeWin community.

It is just 20 months since I got a Mac and decided to teach myself Mac programming, and after writing a Hello World program, decided to tackle a real project - the result is QuollEyeTree.

Learning Objective-C was interesting, it is quite different from C and C++ and even though I had some experience with reference counting on GNU/Linux this posed additional challenges - ARC helps, but still requires attention.

It is well worth the effort - now I couldn't imaging going back to fighting with the Windows APIs.