Vedit Macro Library
Html_tab.vdm Convert HTML table into tab delimited text file 2006-02-05 Vedit macros for processing Email files 2004-03-28
EmailFromTo.vdm Extract e-mail Addresses & Display-Names from e-mail files 2007-10-04
EmailSubject.vdm Extract the Subject from an email, then rename .eml to that name 2006-12-14
ZtwMenu2txt.vdm Convert ZTreeWin Application menu for convenient editing 2008-02-05
EXIF.vdm Experimental macro to extract information from digital camera (Exif) files 2005-10-22
JPGComments.vdm Extract the COMment from a JPEG image 2006-01-09
JPEG.vdm Extract size of JPEG image 2004-01-04
FRMT_V.vdm Format block programs e.g. Vedit for improved readability 2004-02-27
FRMT_C.vdm Format C programs for improved readability 2004-01-04
TabRight.vdm Expand width of current "column" by incrementing all tabs to right 2004-01-04
TabLeft.vdm Reduce width of current "column" by decrementing all tabs to right 2004-01-04 Convert Palm vCard for import to Mozilla Thunderbird or iPod/iPhone 2010-09-26
GNU/Linux Programs
Gtree is an experimental Xtree like file manager for Linux 2010-04-12
Miscellaneous Programs
ZTreeWin Assistant Application (ZAAP) which displays File Information 2010-10-19
ZTreeWin Assistant Application (ZAAP) which displays contents of zbar.dat 2010-10-19 ZTreeWin Assistant Application (ZAAP) which displays details of JPEG & Exif files 2008-11-02 ZAAP Universal Relayer 2008-11-02 Command line program to set the Last Write time of a file 2006-09-03 Tadzio's File Compare - utility for Windows v3.9 2010-10-17
Excel Macro Library Conversion between Geographical & Grid Coordinates. 2006-12-04