QuollEyeTree beta 2.06 available

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QuollEyeTree beta 2.06 available

Postby ian » 01 Dec 2016 13:19

QuollEyeTree beta 2.06 available

See a screen shot and download from http://binnie.id.au/QuollEyeTree.html or
download from http://binnie.id.au/Downloads/QuollEyeTree-2.06.dmg

2.06 includes fixes for Rename:-
Rename/Copy/Move did not allow adjacent Delete Chracters '/'
Rename now retains mask between uses

2.05 adds an additional feature:-
Batch command

2.05 includes changes to logging to enhance responsiveness and reduce problems with newer versions of OS X

2.04 adds an additional feature:-
Tagged File Delete, immediate (do not move to Trash)

2.04 includes fixes for the following issue:-
View Branch followed by View File corrupted display (since 2.02)

2.03 adds additional features:-
Option for Directory and Files side by side
arrow on icon of symlinks (OSX 10.8 or later)

2.02 adds an additional feature:-
Delete Chracter '/' to Rename/Copy/Move

2.02 includes fixes for the following issues:-
Directory shading print through in TextView on Yosemite
F3 refresh Branch did not refresh Dir contents

The Release version 2.0 is available from http://binnie.id.au/Downloads/QuollEyeTree-2.0.dmg

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