QuollEyeTree beta 1.05 available

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QuollEyeTree beta 1.05 available

Postby ian » 08 Nov 2013 13:27

See a screen shot and download from http://binnie.id.au/QuollEyeTree.html or
download from http://binnie.id.au/Downloads/QuollEyeTree-1.05.dmg

QuollEyeTree has been converted to ARC, which involved many changes to the source code.

1.05 adds no additional features, but internal changes improved the speed of logging/updating, and provided visual feedback for slow operations, which are performed in the background, allowing continued interaction during these actions.

This beta will become the new Release (assuming no problems surface)

The Release version 1.0 is available from http://binnie.id.au/Downloads/QuollEyeTree-1.0.dmg

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